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What are the main application areas of automatic screen printing machines?

Silk screen printing technology, also known as screen printing technique, a stencil printing technology, and this is the first printing technology originated in China. The screen printing technology is to print the ink from the mesh of the pattern to be printed onto the substrate by squeezing the ink through the squeegee, thereby forming the same pattern or text on the substrate.

 Applications: LCD glass, lens glass, packaging boxes, light-emitting sheets, sheet glass, mobile phone lenses, displays, panels, nameplates and acrylic films, touch screens, light guide plates, TV, circuit industry, plastic bags, optoelectronics industry, single , Double-sided, multilayer circuit boards, PCB boards, liquid green oil, flashing films, flexible circuit boards, flexible circuits, membrane switches, IMD, IML, stickers, heat transfer films, trademarks, labels, nameplates, non-woven Cloth bags etc.

 The products printed by the screen printing technology of the screen printing machine are bright in color and can be stored for a long time, and are also suitable for mass industrial production, so the application of the screen printing machine in industry has considerable prospects. We can also see screen-printed products everywhere in our lives, such as automotive glass, home appliance glass, home appliance trademarks, packaging boxes, tattoo stickers, etc. As long as it is flat screen printing, it can be done with a screen printing machine, and the application industry is very wide.

The advantage of screen printing machine printing is that it is not limited by the shape and size of the printed items. In the meantime, as long as it is a flat surface or a curved spherical surface, it can be printed by a screen printing machine. For example, commonly used pens, cups and tea sets, circuit boards on household appliances, or some electrical appliances, such as buttons on mobile phones, as well as logos on the signs of everyday clothes, as well as patterns on clothes and shoes. Use silk screen printing machine to print. Larger objects, such as text patterns or logos on TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines, can be printed with a screen printer. And commercial advertising signs, stickers, packaging, etc. can all be printed using screen printing technology. The screen printing technology of the screen printing machine is widely used in industry.

 With the continuous development of modern screen printing technology, industrial screen printing technology has achieved automated unmanned printing, adapted to mass printing in modern industry, and truly realized the effect of unmanned automatic production, which greatly reduced the cost of enterprises. Improved production efficiency and brought greater profit growth to the enterprise.

Post time: Jan-21-2021