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Linqing Xinfeng Screen Printing Machinery Factory located in Linqing China, professional manufacturer of screen printing machine and related pre-press and post-press equipments since 1996, such as screen stretching machine, screen exposure machine, conveyor ir dryer, infrared flash dryer and uv dryer.
Our factory covers 20000 square meters. Totally have 5 working lines, We have Lathe Machine, Grinding Machine and CNC Machining Center to get the accurate parts install on our printing machines.
We have become well respected by our customers and others in the industry due to our knowledge of the screen printing machine process and the personal attention we give to each and every customer. We offer a complete line of machinery and supplies of top quality and performance.


What are the main application

What are the main application areas of automatic screen printing machines?

Silk screen printing technology, also known as screen printing technique, a stencil printing technology, and this is the first printing technology originated in China...

Most semi- automatic screen printing machines are designed based on the design concept of table lifting and screen frame sliding left and right. The working cycle of the semi-automatic screen printing machine is: feeding→positioning→drop...
What is an ordinary screen printing machine ? The automatic screen printing machine manufacturer tells you: Generally, ordinary printing machines refer to standard machines, which can be used in most industries, and the price is relat...